BIPOLIC, TULIP, GRON, MELY are four fingers of the same hand, shivering characters discussing life on their own way.

is the chief in charge of the Second Stringers team. He has a generous profile, a wicked mind and four eyes for details. He is best known for his moody character but he is the best of both worlds.
Stay close to find his thoughts!

is sweet and easy. He likes to read, to walk in the park and call his grandma. Generally they have long conversations about recipes, fashion and urban life in London. He works for charities and he likes high hills shows or…high heels shoes (I can’t remember). Walk along to stay in touch!

is a simple tasted person but complicated about his desires. He laughs a lot, screams a lot, he is suspicious and compulsive. He is the pig out and pass the buck kind of guy but girls love him. He doesn’t work all the time but he’s really busy. Follow him to hear his laughing gear!

likes dancing. He’s the arty kind of guy with a hook for girls, children and dogs. He is less talkative but a high spirit. He has a part time job and he’s always in trouble with his money. He simply can’t find a seamy pocket. Write him a letter!


‘ The Second Stringers’ is a work-in-progress pseudo-animated narrative project.
I refer to it in terms of  ‘pseudo-animated’  as it doesn’t really work without your imagination. The narrative  becomes ‘animated’ when you start playing the characters. You will virtually meet four finger character puppets talking about different aspects of life. When you read their stories, you will have to imagine their moves, expressions and reactions. The success of the story also depends on your playfulness. Therefore, before you read the stories, review the ‘instructions’.
Then, enjoy my little game!


THE SECOND STRINGERS are a finger character puppet group. Their home country is Fingerland, a little underground theatre based at the eastern suburb of TUSOP (The United Studios of Puppet Theatre).
A Second Stringer is a small puppet  formed only of “a head’’ and manipulated by one finger, generally the index. But you can do better, if you want. The hand of the puppeteer becomes the body of the puppet.

THE SECOND STRINGERS are presenting pseudo animated short narratives.

THE SECOND STRINGERS are manipulated by Ankado.

CONTEXT: A Second Stringer is a kind of puppet once part of a specific studio, who left its own place in order to build for itself a stronger theatrical career and realised on the way that the rules of other TUSOPT studios do not even allow this kind of puppets to play. Some subjects are allowed though, regardless of education or training: cleaning, feeding the other breeds or building new stages for the expending studios. However, they need ”work permits” to do so.


My work with The Second Stringers is a work in progress narrative. Oddly enough, each of the episodes is developed under the influence of the ‘present time’. However blurred the meanings may seem, I am not stressing upon certain facts; I am aiming for the emotional animated experience drawn from those events. This is why I am not counting on the fact that you might or not read the same newspapers, watch the same TV programs or live in the same house as I do. I am counting on an emotional response from my audience and a creative output.

Second Stringers – Season 1

Episode 1 / Saturday Night Out

It is Saturday night out. The Second Stringers met in their…

Episode 2 / Part 1 Whispering Hamlet…

The Second Stringers met in the local library. They watched the…

Episode 2 / Part 2 Whispering Hamlet…

If you remember from the last time, The Second Stringers where…

Episode 3 / Crisis, recession…and Tulip’s Grandma

For family and friendsCrisis, recession, lack of funding, unemployment,…

Second Stringers – Season 2

Season 2 / Episode 1: Box Getaway

After several months of silence and absence, Ankado decided to…
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