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Episode 9 / Talking about friends and God

The Second Stringers had some jelly fish time in the past few weeks, danced on their own roses, read some shitty news, skipped a war or two, but they sound like being back in business for a while. How long? No one knows. Not even their mothers and sisters. Not even Tulip’s Grandma!! Melly: I have […]

Important message

Dear All, This is an important message from The Second Stringer’s chief puppeteer, Ankado. Season 1/ ‘The Land of Marionettes’ ended with episode 10. You may regard episode 11 – The United Studios of Puppet Theatre or redefining the world stage – as a sort of ‘the beginnings’. At any rate it explains some of the […]

Season 2 / Episode 1: Box Getaway

After several months of silence and absence, Ankado decided to meet her Second Stringers again. Their approved box ‘getaway’ might have been a moment of revelation for the poor Second Stringers. Bipolic: So… you finally thought about drawing us out of the box. So kind of you! But, you know, we are not bears or other hibernating […]