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Episode 1 / Saturday Night Out

It is Saturday night out. The Second Stringers met in their favorite pub, a secretly charming Nordic inspired beer house on the Mediterranean coast. Mely: I worked this weekend for the most exciting art project in the city. One of the best awards winning Art Company invited me to collaborate with them over the weekend […]

Episode 2 / Part 1 Whispering Hamlet…

The Second Stringers met in the local library. They watched the BBC Fry’s Planet Word last week and decided to refresh their readings from authors like Joyce, Tolkien, Orwell and Shakespeare.   Gron is not very happy about spending a whole day at the library so we might lose him from our sight from time to […]

Episode 2 / Part 2 Whispering Hamlet…

If you remember from the last time, The Second Stringers where hanging in the local library. But because of their inability to keep the silence, they were kindly asked to live the space…Oh, no, they are not out of space right now. They went to a little park, near the library.Mely: So, you pretend that […]

Episode 3 / Crisis, recession…and Tulip’s Grandma

For family and friendsCrisis, recession, lack of funding, unemployment, instability, popular revolution, mass disorder…Words that seem very popular these days. Even The Second Stringers have to cope with them. And if this was not enough, they had an ugly fight. We will never know what it was all about, but they didn’t speak to each […]

Episode 4 / The Land of Marionettes

The Second Stringers decided to explore the world. They were ready now to make acquaintance with another species of puppets. The Land of Marionettes becomes the “must to be there” place. Before starting their journey, The Second Stringers did some research about their habits, their functions and their favorite stories. And not to mention they […]

Episode 5 / Species and systems

You might remember from the last episode that The Second Stringers arrived in the Land of Marionettes. If not, go back one episode to get some insights from this new country they are visiting.Despite the strings they are forced to use when traveling around the Land of Marionettes, The Second Stringers are simply fascinated about […]

Episode 6 / Little white truths

The Second Stringers were invited to attend an academic research interview for the purpose of learning about the life of immigrant species around the Land of Marionettes. They are now in the office of the university which is responsible for the research.Interviewer: Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you all for coming. It is such a […]

Episode 7 / All I want for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Like any other normal person from Fingerland, The Second Stringers gathered in front of the fireplace to write Santa a letter.  But because they are so different from time to time, they couldn’t write just one letter.  Although they share the same address, they are not in the mood to share the […]

Episode 8 / Traveling by Planet Earth

Some people travel by cars, trains or planes. Other just walk to their destination, a destination that was always planned before. Some would name this as an “essential truth”: people go somewhere. No matter what language you use to describe the action of ´going´, a destination is always implied. “I am going to the supermarket”, […]