Important message

Dear All,

This is an important message from The Second Stringer’s chief puppeteer, Ankado. Season 1/ ‘The Land of Marionettes’ ended with episode 10. You may regard episode 11 – The United Studios of Puppet Theatre or redefining the world stage – as a sort of ‘the beginnings’. At any rate it explains some of the features contained in the previous episodes. My work with The Second Stringers is a work in progress narrative. Oddly enough, each of the episodes is developed under the influence of the ‘present time’. However blurred the meanings may seem, I am not stressing upon certain facts; I am aiming for the emotional animated experience drawn from those events. This is why I am not counting on the fact that you might or not read the same newspapers, watch the same TV programs or live in the same house as I do. I am counting on a sensorial response from my audience.

But this was just a “reminder”. My real message comes now!  I am sending The Second Stringers back to the workshop for a little ‘facial’ improvement. They requested aesthetic surgery, so I need to make them happy. But they will come back groomed and ready for Season 2 – Urbanscapes. Stay tuned!