Episode 9 / Talking about friends and God

The Second Stringers had some jelly fish time in the past few weeks, danced on their own roses, read some shitty news, skipped a war or two, but they sound like being back in business for a while. How long? No one knows. Not even their mothers and sisters. Not even Tulip’s Grandma!!

Melly: I have this friend who likes to write and read about stuff. Mostly art…So he sends me an article about God…

Gron: Oh, my God!

Bipolic: I’m sure it was not about yours.

Tulip: I don’t want to hear this conversation, you bloody monsters! You know that my Grandma prays for each of us. She would go mad if she knew I was listening to a conversation about mocking God.

Melly: Who’s mocking? I just wanted to tell you about that article, but one can’t open a serious conversation around these two.

Bipolic: Gron, I think he’s talking about us.

Gron: I knew that from his first sentence!
Tulip: I’m throwing my glove!

Bipolic: Hot stuff! Naked puppet on the stage!!

Gron: Should I order chinese? Oh, sorry, you were about to tell us about an article…

Bipolic: Are you going to tell us the story about a friend who sends a letter containing an article of another person about someone else’s God? How lovely!

Melly: You know what? You are right! This is a habit I inherited from The Land of Marionettes: Never talk about yourself! When you meet someone, just tell him or her about the longest stupidest shittiest movie you ever saw. Tell every detail: cuts and characters profiles. Even draw the storyboard on a napkin. And at the end of your conversation tell this person you would be more than happy to see her or him again. And if this person is an artist, you must surely tell her or him you used to draw stuff when you were little. You even made a short last week.

Bipolic: Oh, mate, I am so sorry. I didn’t know this article about God made you so upset.

Melly: What article?

Bipolic: You were telling us about a friend who sent an article about God.

Melly: Really? Was this today?

Bipolic: Mate…

Melly: Have you checked my e-mail?

Bipolic: Are you crazy? I wouldn’t do something like that.

Melly: How could you know, then? Was the article good? I have to read it…Was it about God, you said?

Gron: Well…What just happened around here?