Episode 8 / Traveling by Planet Earth

Some people travel by cars, trains or planes. Other just walk to their destination, a destination that was always planned before. Some would name this as an “essential truth”: people go somewhere. No matter what language you use to describe the action of ´going´, a destination is always implied.
“I am going to the supermarket”, “I am going to meet some friends”, “I am going to New York”, “I am going for a walk”. You might question this last statement. If someone says to you, “I am going for a walk”, there is no destination marked on your mind map. But the walker/traveller will know that he or she would get to a certain destination without having a pre-set plan.
Even when you say: “I am going nowhere”, you are still going somewhere. We all have our own map where we leave a blank space to call “nowhere”. Then we draw randomly dispersed elements to create the theatrical set of our “nowhere”. By this time, ´nowhere´ is very clearly described in our minds. Again, you may argue with me. You may tell me that ´going nowhere´ implies lack of activity which is contradictory to ´going somewhere´. But Mely Stringers found a way of traveling when not going anywhere. And this is not a metaphor! I am going to let you into his thoughts.
Mely’s thoughts: The first dream I can recall was seeing the world. I was “me” from the moment when my craft man touched the piece of clay that became “Mely”. I smile when I remember how the craft man insisted on shaping and reshaping my features. As if my eyes were not good enough to see or my cheeks were not good enough to describe who I am. Then he drew the colour of my eyes, eyebrows and my downsloping mouth line. And every one said: “Mely is a sad character”. But my craft man already knew I wasn’t sad. I was just very anxious to see the world. Because I was “me” even before I had any shape, my desire to see the world was deepened in every feature. That is why the craft man worked so hard to make me, trying again and again to control his moves on my face, crafting my features again and again. Washing my face several times until no lines or hills were left on my piece of clay, he started me from the beginning.  But I must admit: only when I was complete could I start to see the world.
I started to travel using buses and trains, planes and cars; to walk using the hand of my puppeteer. I have seen the ocean and the desert; I have seen houses made in the ground and houses made from the ground over ground. I have seen puppets made of wood and wool, paper and plastic, metal and sand. I then arrived at this huge Land of Marionettes where I found all the species of puppets ever crafted in the world together in one place. And this changed my perspective of the world. It became so clear that the vision of the world lies in every eye that you look into; it is spoken by every mouth one has ears to hear.
And one day I looked to the sky: it was still daylight but I could see the moon. An hour later, the moon was in a different place. An “essential truth” of course!  Deep in the night I could see the moon at the opposite side. Only then I realised I was traveling by Planet Earth. I was sitting in the same position but the earth took me to see the universe and rotated me to see all the visible points of the universe.
Sometimes I get closer to the moon, sometimes I get closer to the sun. But when I want to see the world, I just need to sit and wait for the Planet Earth to move. And she will take me on a long journey through the universe.