Episode 7 / All I want for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Like any other normal person from Fingerland, The Second Stringers gathered in front of the fireplace to write Santa a letter.  But because they are so different from time to time, they couldn’t write just one letter.  Although they share the same address, they are not in the mood to share the same desires.  Not to mention that one of them wanted to send it on e-mail, other by post and Bipolic simply wanted to call. Let’s find out what they wish for Christmas…Bipolic: I am going to call him!! It is much simpler and more direct…

Tulip: Do you really think Santa is having time to chat over the phone? When did you ever speak directly with someone important on the phone? First you will reach an elf with a funny accent…and probably a smoked tired face. And he will tell you he is ready to take your message, while actually he is chatting with his neighbor elf about the Christmas Party.

Gron: And because you really want to speak to Santa, you will insist. But the elf will call his manager.

Tulip: Who doesn’t have a funny accent…so you know it is not negotiable.

Mely: Let’s concentrate now! Let the man do what he needs to do. If you call Santa, say hello from us.

Bipolic: I won’t!! You know how to scare people!

After a while…

Tulip: Who’s having the longest letter?

Gron: Why?

Tulip: So we could decide who’s reading first.

Bipolic: Not again!! We have to read it loud? I thought it was a secret!

Mely: I am going to read it first. “Dear Santa, It was a funny year…

Gron: Oh, come on! Santa is not God. Are you going to tell him your life story, now?

Mely: Do you want me to tell the guy directly what I want? This is not polite. Let me do some conversation first!

Gron: Than you should have started with “It was a funny weather this year…”

Bipolic: This is how I started!

Gron: You see…?

Mely: I am a sensitive person. I need to express myself. So…”Dear Santa, It was a funny year, with god and bad. But I am not going to lie. Even the most painful event was an inspiration for life. Dear red old man…

Tulip: Don’t make him “old”! You don’t actually know if, in Christmas years, Santa is old or not. And you don’t know if his white beard is a sign of agedness or a metaphor.

Bipolic: What are you talking about??

Tulip: I only suggest we should be more open, to look at things from different perspectives.

Mely: For God’s sake, can one express a little wish?? Or you are all full of your own desires and deaf to other people’s thoughts??

B,G,T: ….

Mely:  I erased “dear red old man”, though I thought it was funny. “ Dear Santa, all I wish for Christmas is inspiration. There is nothing in the world I desire most than the force of being inspired and to share my inspiration with all my friends and the world. Thank you! Have a lovely Christmas, Santa”.

Tulip: Never cross my mind until now, thanks to you, Mely…  What do you think Santa wishes for Christmas? Shouldn’t we ask him?

Bipolic: And what if we ask him?? Do you think we have the power to give Santa a gift he would like to have?

Tulip: Why not!?? Why not!?? I am going to ask him. If Santa knows what we all want, he would probably know also what we could offer… I mean our human limitations. I did a little introduction in my letter, a little conversation that I am going to skip on this occasion. So, “ all I want for Christmas is wisdom and strength. What about you, Santa? What do you wish for Christmas? Kind Regards, Tulip Stringer”

Bipolic: “It was a funny weather this year, isn’t it? Dear Santa, I would like snow in the middle of the summer and a tropical rain on a cold winter night…”

Tulip: You don’t have to ask this from Santa! You will have it anyway, very soon.

Bipolic: You can’t see the beauty of contrastive desires!! “ Dear Santa, I would like to live on a green planet and all the trees and flower to fly above the light seas. Merry Christmas! Bipolic Stringer”

Gron: “ Dear Santa, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote you a letter. All I want for Christmas is that me and Mely and Tulip and Bipolic to keep having a nice home and good jobs; I wish our families to be healthy and safe; and not the last, I wish our friends to be happy and well!! Many thanks, Gron Stringer. PS: Can I also have the green jacket I saw two days ago in the shop window? ”

Tulip: Should we post them?

Gron: Do we have the correct address?

Tulip: Yes, it is on Santa’s website.