Episode 6 / Little white truths

The Second Stringers were invited to attend an academic research interview for the purpose of learning about the life of immigrant species around the Land of Marionettes. They are now in the office of the university which is responsible for the research.Interviewer: Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you all for coming. It is such a lovely day, isn’t it? Please take a seat. I’ll be back with you in a second. Would you like some coffee? No? That’s fine. We have plenty of water. Please enjoy.Gron: Where did she go? Do you think they have cameras?Bipolic: Of course, they have…

Gron: Why did she invite us in if she had other things to do?

Bipolic: This is a classic…leaving the mouse by itself before the experiment.

Interviewer: So sorry about this, I needed to leave a message to a colleague of mine. Such a lovely day, indeed. You know why you are here…We kindly appreciate your help. First I will tell you something about our company. We are the leading university. Our staff is premium and we ask only for the best from our people. We are elite, so, anyone who comes to us, who collaborate with us, must be elite. Are you elite? Because if you not, I would kindly ask you to leave the room now. Lovely! I would like you to stand up if you think you have the proper dress code for an interview. Oh, dear! Oh, my God! Mr Gron, you don’t have your strings!!  I am afraid I need to ask you to leave the room.

Gron: What? Is this a joke?

Interviewer:  This is serious. We are a premium company and we ask the best from people. I am afraid you are not properly dressed for an interview. It is a matter of respect. We respect our people. This is why we are leaders. You can’t come here without strings. As I told you, it is a matter of respect. All our people use the strings. This is how we function.

Gron: But I didn’t know you have a dress code. There was nothing about this in your invitation.
I thought you needed me the way I am. Who is going to pull my strings here?

Interviewer: This is quite hilarious. Nobody ask this question. We take proper care of our people. We are premium.  I am sorry, Mr Gron. Please leave the room.

Gron: This is ridiculous! I thought you are a serious company.

Interviewer: Hilarious! Is your friend always so direct? You must know we don’t work this way. We do not appreciate this behaviour. I am so disappointed. I tried to be your friend. I always tried to help you!

Gron: What are you talking about, lady? It is the first time I see you.

Interviewer:  This is so offending. Yes, lovely, now I would kindly ask you to leave the room.  We can’t afford to let the others to lose their precious time.

Gron:  I will make a complaint!

Interviewer: Lovely! Feel free to contact my colleagues. Have a lovely day! And thanks for coming…
Is your friend always so direct? We don’t work this way. This is hilarious. I am so sorry you had to witness something like that. Lovely! So, you are all from Fingerland. Lovely… I will ask you some questions now. Do you mind if I take some notes. Thank you. How do you feel about our generous life conditions? Our country is the leading country regarding life conditions.

Mely: It is overwhelming…

Interviewer: Lovely, yes indeed.

Tulip: I have noticed there are so many poor people.

Interviewer: Dear, if you want to continue this interview, you mustn’t say that at any time. Do you understand?

Tulip: Yes, I understand.

Interviewer: Lovely, remember, if someone asks you this question, you mustn’t say what you just told me. Ok? Lovely, thank you! Have you noticed how good we treat you?

Bipolic: How do we have to answer this question?

Interviewer: Be completely honest! We appreciate honesty the most. We are elite, so we ask from people the best. We encourage people to explore their feelings and to express their needs. So, can I write in my file that you are happy with the way we treat you?

Bipolic: Yes, please.

Interviewer: Lovely! And a very quick last question.  What do you think about our customer service?

Bipolic, Tulip, Mely: Great!!

Interviewer: Thank you so much, gentlemen, for your support. I am very happy I had the chance to meet you, today. You are very welcome at any time. Please, feel free to write your comments on my e-mail address. We really want to know your thoughts. Have a lovely day!