Episode 3 / Crisis, recession…and Tulip’s Grandma

For family and friendsCrisis, recession, lack of funding, unemployment, instability, popular revolution, mass disorder…Words that seem very popular these days. Even The Second Stringers have to cope with them. And if this was not enough, they had an ugly fight. We will never know what it was all about, but they didn’t speak to each other for days. All we know is that they all secretly visited Tulip’s Grandma. By a mysterious turn of facts, after talking to Grandma, The Second Stringers met by mistake…in her house.  But where is Grandma?
Bipolic, Tulip, Gron and Mely are not very willing to chat. They stay arms crossed and legs crossed and minds crossed….

Tulip: If no one wishes to start talking, I suggest we all write on a piece of paper what we have learned from Grandma. Hm??? Here it is. Sorry, I have only different colour pens. No! You are not choosing. Just hold this one…Gron, don’t dig your nose with my pen!

Bipolic: I don’t want to play this game!

Tulip: It is not a game! Write it down!  Knowledge must be shared!

Bipolic: Spare me! I just crushed my brains to learn and you want me to give it for free? This is Mely’s speciality.

Tulip: First, you have two faces, but not two brains. And secondly, a true friend is always willing to share its knowledge.

Gron: I don’t need Bipolic to tell me what to do. He is not smarter than me. As you said, he only has one brain…

Tulip: Guys, guys!!! What are we talking about? I didn’t mean to give lectures to one another. But when I don’t know things and there is no place I could find them, I need my friends to help me. Or if I can’t see the forest for the trees, I need my friends to put the lights on.

Mely: Well, the first thing would be to admit you don’t know things…

Gron: You think I am totally stupid, don’t you?

Tulip: Stop it and start writing!! Or I am going to call Grandma!


After a while.

Tulip: Good. If everyone finished, we’ll start reading from Bipolic.

Bipolic: I knew it! I have nothing to declare but my genius.

Tulip: Not this face, Bipolic! Turn around!

Bipolic: “You always need to be fair to your friends and family. Your truth might hurt them, but it can be for their best. On the other hand, there is no need to put the true in ugly words. There is always a way to reveal things by talking on their own terms. If you really want to help someone, you don’t need to tell this person whatshe/he wants to hear, but how she/he wants to hear it”.

Tulip: Thank you. Mely?

Mely: “ You need to know your own price, to be fair to yourself first. Admit what you can do and what you want to do. Learn to say “no”. When you will learn that you can say “yes” only to a limited number of people, then you will realise you can do so much more for those people. When you say “yes” to all, the quality and quantity of help is proportional to how many “yes” you said. There are people who need to be helped and people who like to take advantage from your help. Every help have its turn. Pay back those who helped you. Only sacrifice has no price.”

Tulip: “Charity doesn’t mean only to give money and things to poor people. Charity means to educate, to help people understand their world, to give them what they need not what you think they need. And if they don’t know what they need, help them to find out. Giving what you think people need is not charity, it is dictatorship…”

Bipolic: Your grandma said these last words???

Tulip: No, it was my interpretation. We decided to talk about what we learned…Gron?

Gron: “She gave me several recipes. I do not have the time to share them all with you now, but I promise I am going to cook for you. My favourite recipe was…”

Bipolic: Are you serious??? We all laid our hart on the table and you come with food talk???

Gron: What do you want me to do??? Grandma kept talking about food and how to do it well…In the end she said something like “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” but it didn’t seem very logic to leave the kitchen while you’re cooking. But she’s the Grandma!

Tulip: Are you calling my grandma Grandma now??? Oh men