Episode 2 / Part 2 Whispering Hamlet…

If you remember from the last time, The Second Stringers where hanging in the local library. But because of their inability to keep the silence, they were kindly asked to live the space…Oh, no, they are not out of space right now. They went to a little park, near the library.Mely: So, you pretend that if I have a certain affinity towards an author, this means I am narrow- minded?

Bipolic: I never said you are narrow-minded. I was just suggesting you should open yourself. I was not talking about your affinity towards an author but towards one author. One…single… One-way or limited cultural consumerism may inhibit your ability to select and to create. And if I turn my sad face to you, I shall note this attitude of yours or of people like you as lack of respect for all the other people in the world who think and create.

Mely: Keep your smirked face! I am not willing to be irreverent towards other cultures or other creators beside those that I generally enjoy. However I am the kind of person who needs to be guided.

Bipolic: You make me jump from my shoes! God! So, if you read in a newspaper or a magazine: “ X is the best artist of all times, Y is the best book of all times,  Z  is the best shit of all times” you take it the way it is…?

Mely: Well…

 But what happens the next day? In the same magazine you read about another person:  “A is the best artist of all times, B is the best you-name-what of all times”… And next day: the same! And next day….

Mely: … the same! Ok, I got your point. But there are thousands of new books every day, thousands of exhibitions every week, thousands of movies and plays, new music every second. How can one judge and select? And which is the way an artist could survive in this world without a little help?

Bipolic: If their work is true, genuine and/or powerful, they do not need any help. Not like this, at least. I find highly disrespectful to pretend that someone is the best something of all times. No matter of how great this someone is. Is like rejecting the past every day.

Mely:  I see your point. But artists need to sell their products.  In the end, agents make the deals.

Bipolic: Well I have the feeling that so many contemporary artists spend more time on sharing their personal image than creating genuine work. Selling t-shirts with your name won’t make you an artist. And if I buy a t-shirt with your name  doesn’t mean I am helping you to survive in this world; it doesn’t mean I am a consumer of your artistic work. It just means I am about fashion. And if you care more about how many t-shirts you sell than making your art visible…

Tulip: Can I say something?

Bipolic, Mely: …

Tulip: I’ll take it as a “yes”. Thank you. You find as negative this ultra-positivity towards products…cultural or not. But if we would have the same attitude towards common people or ethnic groups or nations, things would be so much different.

Mely: What do you mean?

Bipolic: I know what he means. You are telling me that a lie or an exaggeration is accepted for good causes.

Mely:  Realy? You mean that?

Tulip: Well, yes…Kind of.  I am not sure about the lie, but exaggeration is good sometimes.

Bipolic: Ok, so let’s accept that one particular nation is very “bad” and one is very “good”. Is this correct?

Tulip: No! Not like that. You were talking about positive exaggeration…

Bipolic: Oh, sweet Tulip, have you ever gave a small thought about the concept of “exaggeration” ?  There is no “positive” without “negative” and I am not able, as a human being, to describe the idea of “good” without “bad”. So, if you are so courageous to accept positive exaggeration, you must sign for the negative as well…

Tulip: Never!!

Gron: What are you talking about?

Bipolic, Mely, Tulip:  About Hamlet!!!

Gron: I thought we were supposed to be funny.