Episode 10 / Meeting a lonely Shepherd’s Pie or the Party pastry crisis

This is a little story about a pie. Any reference to real people or, let say facts from real political life, are hardly accidental.
Easter is coming soon and Tulip decided to go shopping for his entire fingerhood. You must remember from the other episodes that The Second Stringers are finger characters; they live now in the Land of Marionettes, they wear gloves and generally travel by a right hand. For details please check the About page.

I don’t know how Tulip did it, but he left the others locked in the house for two or three days.  When he came home…

Gron: Alkie arse! What’s cooking?

Tulip: Oh, no, he is just a guy I met…

Bipolic: Where have you been?

Mely: We wanted to call the police!! Hello, police, how are you?

Tulip: I am so sorry guys. You shouldn’t have had to worry.

Bipolic: We were not worried. We were absolutely hysterical…for being looked in for three long days!!!

Gron: Who are you to deny our freedom?!! To starve us???

Tulip: Please, I have an explanation. But later! Let me introduce my new friend.

Gron:  Our dinner is your friend??? Is it alive? Let me look at this junky food…You smell good! What’s your name?

Pie: Keep your dirty…fingers…from me!!!  You are going to contaminate me.

Bipolic: A naughty talking pie! Do you know what happens to little naughty pies?

Gron: Are being eaten!!!

Bipolic: Correct answer, Gron. Bring me a serviette.

Tulip: Oh my God, guys! I can’t believe!! How can you even think about eating my friend???  He is the only reason I am here today, back to open your door. He saved my life, you dumbasses!

Mely: I never heard you talking like this.

Tulip: I never saw you acting so stupid.

Gron: We are hungry. You brought a pie. We eat the pie. What is stupid about this?

Tulip: What gives you the right to gormandise a person? Is it shorter? Is it poorest? Is it…

Gron: The pie surely smells better than all of us!!

Mely: Tulip, darling, you know I love you. But you are not well today. Pies are for being eaten as common people are for being absorbed by work. No society functions unless fingers move and pies are being eaten. It is just natural.

Pie: Why didn’t you say your friends were politicians? Eat me up, guys! I am starting to get alleged.