Episode 1 / Saturday Night Out

It is Saturday night out.
The Second Stringers met in their favorite pub, a secretly charming Nordic inspired beer house on the Mediterranean coast.

Mely: I worked this weekend for the most exciting art project in the city. One of the best awards winning Art Company invited me to collaborate with them over the weekend for the most interesting art project in the world. They approached me in a friendly manner and they offered me the best time within their busy team.

Gron: Did they pay you?


Gron: All piss and wind, mate!

Mely: You have to feel the experience, to be in the middle of things, to explore the possibilities. Every opportunity to express yourself is a gold mine. It shapes your future and takes you on the pick of the world.

Gron: Now I know. They are some kind of child abusers…

Tulip: What’s wrong with that? I feel the same. They only way for a society to prosper is when individuals are engaged in protecting the traditional values and working not for their own interest but for the interest of all. Volunteering is the most beautiful cause.

Gron: The whole thing is clearer now. You are both brain washed. Bipolic, why do we have to hang out with these guys? I am going to drain the beer pipe in your honor. Tulip, why don’t you pay for all our beers from your prosperity? Oh, oh, sorry, grandma didn’t send her pension yet.

Mely: You are so wasted. There is no future for you.

Bipolic: Oh, dear. Don’t make me sad, Gron. When will you start reading between the lines? People like Mely or Tulip need to believe in something. And there are storytellers around the world who feed these beautiful infants with their no allergic lactose. Why should we deny their right to live the fantasy they need?

Gron: Right. So when I’ll see again advertising like “Best opportunity in the best company… Due to the high volume of enquiries that we receive, we are not always able to respond to all CVs. Opportunity status: unpaid” I am going forward it to them. Please note I will contribute to their nutritional development. And be sure they will never be hungry again. In two weeks they will be like pigs.

Tulip: Oh, you found a rhyme…

Bipolic: Sweet Gron, I won’t pretend I didn’t notice the quantity of suspicion you bring into this conversation. But let me lay a stress upon the fact that pretending you are the best company in the city is not really a false statement. If they really believe this, we can only salute their ego. And in fact they are delivering a very educative approach: motivation.

Gron: Motifucktion my ace. Do you know why they fired me last time?

Mely: You made the face…

Gron: No. Well, yes, I made the face. But after they fired me.

Tulip: You were not excited…

Gron: Exactly. I was not excited about their company, so they fired me.

Tulip: Mely, can you borrow me your red shoes tomorrow?

Mely: Yes, sure. The black shirt?

Gron: Sure.

Tulip: The fur hat?

Bipolic: Sure.

Gron: Let the pipe flow!!