People would get particularly interested in the training or the ‚becoming’ process every time
I share my experience as an actress. While finding out about the way actors train to be on stage, they discover the relevance of this experience. Many would just tell me: „I would love to take drama classes, just for myself”. And I know why: because it’s an inspiring activity, extremely entertaining and intellectually rewording. On a different level, drama classes develop and improve one’s social and creative skills.
I am fascinated by the extraordinary impact drama classes have on people and I am always happy to share this experience. Whether you are an individual or a group of friends who would like to take private drama classes or you are representing a school or an institution and would like to know more about my classes, get in touch. Contact e-mail.


There is no secret. Learning trough role playing or situational experience has been proven to be one of the most successful educational techniques. It incorporates all learning stimuli and develops decision making and problem solving skills in a way that nothing else does. A bespoke set of drama exercises and situational games can improve learning skills at many different levels. If you are representing a company responsibly supporting employees to improve performance or a school committed to enhance learning progress, I would be very happy to assist you.
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When getting into professional acting, you should ask yourself ‘what do I need to become a performer?’.  While many of you will answer: “talent” or a sense of “showiness”, I am going to tell you a little secret. Everyone can act…Fortunately, it is in our genes. However, you need some physical and psychical preparation in order to cope with stage requirements. Acting is a hard and consuming job. Imagine caring a luggage as big as you are. Is it hard, isn’t it? Imagine now that you are caring that luggage inside you! This is your character. You need to learn how to carry it, spoil it and let it out when the moment comes.

If you would be a musician, you would choose a certain instrument and learn how to use it.
As an actor/actress, your body is the instrument. You can’t choose it but you can shape it! And you might need to start from scratch and create your own portfolio of skills and abilities like breathing, voice, characterization, improvisation, physical illustration and so much more.
If you’re thinking to get into professional acting, I can help you start from scratch to build your acting skills portfolio.

The offer is also available for private drama schools and acting courses providers.
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