Episode 1 / Saturday Night Out

It is Saturday night out.
The Second Stringers met in their favorite pub, a secretly charming Nordic inspired beer house on the Mediterranean coast.

Mely: I worked this weekend for the most exciting art project in the city. One of the best awards winning Art Company invited me to collaborate with them over the weekend for the most interesting art project in the world. They approached me in a friendly manner and they offered me the best time within their busy team.

Gron: Did they pay you?


Gron: All piss and wind, mate!

Mely: You have to feel the experience, to be in the middle of things, to explore the possibilities. Every opportunity to express yourself is a gold mine. It shapes your future and takes you on the pick of the world.

Gron: Now I know. They are some kind of child abusers…

Tulip: What’s wrong with that? I feel the same. They only way for a society to prosper is when individuals are engaged in protecting the traditional values and working not for their own interest but for the interest of all. Volunteering is the most beautiful cause.

Gron: The whole thing is clearer now. You are both brain washed. Bipolic, why do we have to hang out with these guys? I am going to drain the beer pipe in your honor. Tulip, why don’t you pay for all our beers from your prosperity? Oh, oh, sorry, grandma didn’t send her pension yet.

Mely: You are so wasted. There is no future for you.

Bipolic: Oh, dear. Don’t make me sad, Gron. When will you start reading between the lines? People like Mely or Tulip need to believe in something. And there are storytellers around the world who feed these beautiful infants with their no allergic lactose. Why should we deny their right to live the fantasy they need?

Gron: Right. So when I’ll see again advertising like “Best opportunity in the best company… Due to the high volume of enquiries that we receive, we are not always able to respond to all CVs. Opportunity status: unpaid” I am going forward it to them. Please note I will contribute to their nutritional development. And be sure they will never be hungry again. In two weeks they will be like pigs.

Tulip: Oh, you found a rhyme…

Bipolic: Sweet Gron, I won’t pretend I didn’t notice the quantity of suspicion you bring into this conversation. But let me lay a stress upon the fact that pretending you are the best company in the city is not really a false statement. If they really believe this, we can only salute their ego. And in fact they are delivering a very educative approach: motivation.

Gron: Motifucktion my ace. Do you know why they fired me last time?

Mely: You made the face…

Gron: No. Well, yes, I made the face. But after they fired me.

Tulip: You were not excited…

Gron: Exactly. I was not excited about their company, so they fired me.

Tulip: Mely, can you borrow me your red shoes tomorrow?

Mely: Yes, sure. The black shirt?

Gron: Sure.

Tulip: The fur hat?

Bipolic: Sure.

Gron: Let the pipe flow!!

Episode 2 / Part 1 Whispering Hamlet…

The Second Stringers met in the local library. They watched the BBC Fry’s Planet Word last week and decided to refresh their readings from authors like Joyce, Tolkien, Orwell and Shakespeare.   Gron is not very happy about spending a whole day at the library so we might lose him from our sight from time to time.  Keep in mind we are in a public library. Therefore we will have to be as quiet as possible.  Please, when you read the above lines, just whisper…

Mely: Uh, this is old English. I need to find a contemporary version. What do you guys think? The French guy, the actor from Fry’s show,  might have had a point: “To be or not. To be, this is the question.”

Bibolic: Well, I really doubt “to be” would be a question in his case. It is rather a problem. If it was for me, I would have said “When, this is the question”.

Mely: You are so insensible.

Tulip: I don’t like the suicide insight. I prefer Bipolic’s version.

Mely : Bipolic doesn’t have a version.  He only has a bag of effrontery on one of his sides.

Bipolic: I wonder, does Hamlet think about suicide because of his philosophical thinking or because he is a coward?

Mely: I would go with your first choice.

Bipolic: Of course…You seem to be an actor. Actors don’t like to play cowards. They prefer criminals or hideous characters, but not cowards. I get it!

Tulip: I think Hamlet is a humanist, a human rights protector. He just doesn’t want to kill.


–  /   –  /   –  /   /    –  –   /   –

To be, or not to be: that is the question:

/   –   –    /   –  /  –   /    –  /  –

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

–   /      –   /  –   –  –  /  –    /  –

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

–  –  /    /    – /     – /   –  /    –

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

–   /  –  /  –  /   –     –  /    –  /

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;

Bipolic: My dear actor, painter of words and sounds, architect of aesthetic spaces, you are in a library, not on the stage. Be quiet, please.

Mely: How do you want me to say Hamlet’s monologue?  Whispering???

Bipolic: Whispering!

Mely: I need to be heard, to be directed, to be reinvented. I need at least a spectator. This is theatre.

Bipolic: I am totally overwhelmed by your ability to enlighten the darkness from our minds, but I need some intimate time with my own book.

Tulip: I like the way you say Hamlet’s lines.

Mely: Thank you, Tulip. You are a real art consumer.

Bipolic: Give me a break. This is one way cultural consumerism. You people have a fixation on Shakespeare, especially Hamlet.

Mely: It  is a great challenge for every actor.

Bipolic: So, you are an actor then!? You were a visual artist yesterday, a musician two days ago, a writer along the way.

Mely: I call myself an artist. How I express myself is just a matter of choice, inspiration and wit.

Bibolic: Than how do you define your reductive readings and choices?  I do find Shakespeare a great playwright, but what about Ibsen?

Mely: Analytical.

Bipolic: Cehov?

Mely: Difficult to play.

Bipolic: Jarrry?

Mely: Political.

Bipolic: Ionesco?

Mely: Romanian.

Gron: Hey, guys, you are still here? I can’t stand it anymore. I talked to all the employees around here until they lost interest. I told them my best jokes. I need a break. While you are feeding your minds, I am going to feed my guts. Or my large intestine will devour my liver and I’ll pee some dust!

The others: Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Bipolic: Pirandello? Strindberg? Wedekind?

Mely:  Not B…

Bipolic: Don’t say another word! I am not here to explain to you that literature should not be selected and devised by political, ethical or religious insights.

Tulip: Can I do it than?

To be continued…

Episode 2 / Part 2 Whispering Hamlet…

If you remember from the last time, The Second Stringers where hanging in the local library. But because of their inability to keep the silence, they were kindly asked to live the space…Oh, no, they are not out of space right now. They went to a little park, near the library.Mely: So, you pretend that if I have a certain affinity towards an author, this means I am narrow- minded?

Bipolic: I never said you are narrow-minded. I was just suggesting you should open yourself. I was not talking about your affinity towards an author but towards one author. One…single… One-way or limited cultural consumerism may inhibit your ability to select and to create. And if I turn my sad face to you, I shall note this attitude of yours or of people like you as lack of respect for all the other people in the world who think and create.

Mely: Keep your smirked face! I am not willing to be irreverent towards other cultures or other creators beside those that I generally enjoy. However I am the kind of person who needs to be guided.

Bipolic: You make me jump from my shoes! God! So, if you read in a newspaper or a magazine: “ X is the best artist of all times, Y is the best book of all times,  Z  is the best shit of all times” you take it the way it is…?

Mely: Well…

 But what happens the next day? In the same magazine you read about another person:  “A is the best artist of all times, B is the best you-name-what of all times”… And next day: the same! And next day….

Mely: … the same! Ok, I got your point. But there are thousands of new books every day, thousands of exhibitions every week, thousands of movies and plays, new music every second. How can one judge and select? And which is the way an artist could survive in this world without a little help?

Bipolic: If their work is true, genuine and/or powerful, they do not need any help. Not like this, at least. I find highly disrespectful to pretend that someone is the best something of all times. No matter of how great this someone is. Is like rejecting the past every day.

Mely:  I see your point. But artists need to sell their products.  In the end, agents make the deals.

Bipolic: Well I have the feeling that so many contemporary artists spend more time on sharing their personal image than creating genuine work. Selling t-shirts with your name won’t make you an artist. And if I buy a t-shirt with your name  doesn’t mean I am helping you to survive in this world; it doesn’t mean I am a consumer of your artistic work. It just means I am about fashion. And if you care more about how many t-shirts you sell than making your art visible…

Tulip: Can I say something?

Bipolic, Mely: …

Tulip: I’ll take it as a “yes”. Thank you. You find as negative this ultra-positivity towards products…cultural or not. But if we would have the same attitude towards common people or ethnic groups or nations, things would be so much different.

Mely: What do you mean?

Bipolic: I know what he means. You are telling me that a lie or an exaggeration is accepted for good causes.

Mely:  Realy? You mean that?

Tulip: Well, yes…Kind of.  I am not sure about the lie, but exaggeration is good sometimes.

Bipolic: Ok, so let’s accept that one particular nation is very “bad” and one is very “good”. Is this correct?

Tulip: No! Not like that. You were talking about positive exaggeration…

Bipolic: Oh, sweet Tulip, have you ever gave a small thought about the concept of “exaggeration” ?  There is no “positive” without “negative” and I am not able, as a human being, to describe the idea of “good” without “bad”. So, if you are so courageous to accept positive exaggeration, you must sign for the negative as well…

Tulip: Never!!

Gron: What are you talking about?

Bipolic, Mely, Tulip:  About Hamlet!!!

Gron: I thought we were supposed to be funny.

Episode 3 / Crisis, recession…and Tulip’s Grandma

For family and friendsCrisis, recession, lack of funding, unemployment, instability, popular revolution, mass disorder…Words that seem very popular these days. Even The Second Stringers have to cope with them. And if this was not enough, they had an ugly fight. We will never know what it was all about, but they didn’t speak to each other for days. All we know is that they all secretly visited Tulip’s Grandma. By a mysterious turn of facts, after talking to Grandma, The Second Stringers met by mistake…in her house.  But where is Grandma?
Bipolic, Tulip, Gron and Mely are not very willing to chat. They stay arms crossed and legs crossed and minds crossed….

Tulip: If no one wishes to start talking, I suggest we all write on a piece of paper what we have learned from Grandma. Hm??? Here it is. Sorry, I have only different colour pens. No! You are not choosing. Just hold this one…Gron, don’t dig your nose with my pen!

Bipolic: I don’t want to play this game!

Tulip: It is not a game! Write it down!  Knowledge must be shared!

Bipolic: Spare me! I just crushed my brains to learn and you want me to give it for free? This is Mely’s speciality.

Tulip: First, you have two faces, but not two brains. And secondly, a true friend is always willing to share its knowledge.

Gron: I don’t need Bipolic to tell me what to do. He is not smarter than me. As you said, he only has one brain…

Tulip: Guys, guys!!! What are we talking about? I didn’t mean to give lectures to one another. But when I don’t know things and there is no place I could find them, I need my friends to help me. Or if I can’t see the forest for the trees, I need my friends to put the lights on.

Mely: Well, the first thing would be to admit you don’t know things…

Gron: You think I am totally stupid, don’t you?

Tulip: Stop it and start writing!! Or I am going to call Grandma!


After a while.

Tulip: Good. If everyone finished, we’ll start reading from Bipolic.

Bipolic: I knew it! I have nothing to declare but my genius.

Tulip: Not this face, Bipolic! Turn around!

Bipolic: “You always need to be fair to your friends and family. Your truth might hurt them, but it can be for their best. On the other hand, there is no need to put the true in ugly words. There is always a way to reveal things by talking on their own terms. If you really want to help someone, you don’t need to tell this person whatshe/he wants to hear, but how she/he wants to hear it”.

Tulip: Thank you. Mely?

Mely: “ You need to know your own price, to be fair to yourself first. Admit what you can do and what you want to do. Learn to say “no”. When you will learn that you can say “yes” only to a limited number of people, then you will realise you can do so much more for those people. When you say “yes” to all, the quality and quantity of help is proportional to how many “yes” you said. There are people who need to be helped and people who like to take advantage from your help. Every help have its turn. Pay back those who helped you. Only sacrifice has no price.”

Tulip: “Charity doesn’t mean only to give money and things to poor people. Charity means to educate, to help people understand their world, to give them what they need not what you think they need. And if they don’t know what they need, help them to find out. Giving what you think people need is not charity, it is dictatorship…”

Bipolic: Your grandma said these last words???

Tulip: No, it was my interpretation. We decided to talk about what we learned…Gron?

Gron: “She gave me several recipes. I do not have the time to share them all with you now, but I promise I am going to cook for you. My favourite recipe was…”

Bipolic: Are you serious??? We all laid our hart on the table and you come with food talk???

Gron: What do you want me to do??? Grandma kept talking about food and how to do it well…In the end she said something like “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” but it didn’t seem very logic to leave the kitchen while you’re cooking. But she’s the Grandma!

Tulip: Are you calling my grandma Grandma now??? Oh men

Episode 4 / The Land of Marionettes

The Second Stringers decided to explore the world. They were ready now to make acquaintance with another species of puppets. The Land of Marionettes becomes the “must to be there” place. Before starting their journey, The Second Stringers did some research about their habits, their functions and their favorite stories. And not to mention they even learned the language. Oh, and obvious, they found out they need strings to travel around the Land of Marionettes, so they ordered some on the internet. When the strings arrived, they were ready to go…They pecked several gloves, the strings and some dictionaries and left their home country.The shock they had arriving in the Land of Marionettes made them speechless for a while. That is why the narrator is still with you. At first they visited the hot spots and the castles, the museums and Marionette Theatres. Everything was so different…Fascinating and different…They tried to speak their language, but of course with a funny accent. But let’s be serious, there were a lot of marionettes speaking with a funny accent too. So The Second Stringers did not worry…at first. But then…

Bipolic: Gron, you have a horrible accent. Please, let me do the talking. Otherwise we will starve.

Gron: You know what? I am sick of all this. If the Marionettes restaurants are not open to us because we are too short or because we have a funny accent, I don’t fucking care. I will go to a Wayang[i] Restaurant. There are plenty of them around here.

Tulip: But can you eat with sticks?

Gron: I will learn!!

Mely: I think is time to attach the strings. If we join their traveling system it will be much easier to use the same restaurants as they do. There are so many places we can’t enter because we don’t have the strings.

Bipolic: With strings or no strings, we’ll still be finger characters. We won’t fool anybody.

Gron: Uh. I can’t place mine on the system.I told you not to order the strings on the internet. They are too short!!!

Tulip: Mine doesn’t work as well. One is too short and one is too long.

Bipolic: They fooled us.

Gron: Really? How did you notice??? I told you we should have bought them directly from here.

Tulip: Unfortunately they don’t sell strings to finger characters.

Mely: But why??? We are puppets too…

Tulip: In their eyes we are too short, our language is muddy and we are not so expressive like marionettes. Look at our bodies! We can’t play as profound and deep as they do. We have a very limited number of movements. Our theatre is complicated, our plays confusing and our humor…dark.

Gron: You know what? I am going home! This is not a place for me. Since I came here I had to snick, slip or jump over these massive puppets. My gloves are always dirty and wet.

Mely: I have an idea. You all must admit there is so much to learn from the Land of Marionettes. We have to cope with the mud for a little while and strive to attach ourselves on the system. Listen, one of my strings is good, and the other is longer. We can cut it and tie it to yours, Gron.  And Tulip can help Bipolic. This is how we all going to fit on the traveling system. It is true that our strings will still be too short, but we can give a try.

Tulip: I am in!!!

Bipolic, Gron: …ok …anyway…whatever.


Episode 5 / Species and systems

You might remember from the last episode that The Second Stringers arrived in the Land of Marionettes. If not, go back one episode to get some insights from this new country they are visiting.Despite the strings they are forced to use when traveling around the Land of Marionettes, The Second Stringers are simply fascinated about their new abidance. They knew long before there are incredibly many species of puppets crafted among the world theatres, but they never hoped to meet them all on a single stage. And what is even more fascinating, is the fact that some of the species established their own traveling system within the strings system. And others made their sticks and wooden legs to function according to the wire networks, improvising with new technologies and using strange materials like wheels, rails, and screws and even…wireless.  The Second Stringers took some walks just by themselves and meet again at night in their set.

Tulip: Oh, my fingers are hurting. I don’t understand. Why are they choosing to stay all day with their arms hanging? This traveling system makes me want to scream. My blood flow paralyzed!

Gron: The question is why do they prefer to be pulled and dragged and banged all day?

Bipolic: Funny, you’re talking as if it was their choice. You never stop surprising me with your delighting innocence.

Gron: Oh, oh…evil face is back. Take a look at him, guys!!!The smirked face has something to tell us.

Bipolic: I am telling you something, my friends: you will never succeed here without me.

Mely: What?? Heteroclite!! Do you pretend that a normal puppet would never find its way here?

Bipolic: Let me think … Yes! I do not pretend – I am sure that a normal puppet would never find a way in the Land of Marionettes by being “normal”. If you care about being “normal” – but, of course, we need do define this characteristic – than go back to Fingerland.  This country is for heteroclites like me. So watch and learn! I had a long walk in the city, I opened all my four eyes and guess what? Not everybody is using the strings to travel.

Tulip: What??? No way! Those were tourists or foreign students.

Bipolic: No! They were not!

Mely: You lifted over, Bipolic ! You might have found an of of of stage, where every puppet passes over in its own way…But not on the main stage.

Gron: Let the man speak!  In the end he has four eyes.

Bipolic: Thank you, Gron. Guys, I am taking about the main stage. Which, as you noticed, it is full of finger characters, wayangs, bunrakus, bamanas, khayal al-zill[i]and other.  At first you think this puppets use strings purchased from here. But when you look closer, something is peculiar about their walk. Their systems look very alike the strings marionettes use. For a normal eye, there is no difference.  But this puppets know exactly they are not in the power of the same strings. The marionettes are also aware that the puppets pretend to have strings but they fake it. The puppets now that the marionettes now. The marionettes know that the puppets know…But nobody talks about that.

Gron: This is so fucking strange!

Tulip: So, you are telling me that the marionettes admit in their system the presence of fake strings?

Bipolic: Not only they admit it, but some of the fake systems are created by themselves. They actually love it.

Gron: Throw a wet blanket over me! Why would they do that?

Bipolic: As I told you, the systems look exactly like the strings.

Mely: But they are not!

Bipolic: Who cares? If I make a copy of a famous painting many will know it is not genuine, but they will still celebrate the talent of the famous painter through the copy of an anonymous.  The mainstream will not even notice the painting is a fake as long as they are told it is the original. Moreover, if they find out the truth, they will still believe in the beauty of the painting.  And everybody will talk about the famous painter again and again. As for me, I will never be a true artist, but also not a hungry one. Everybody wins something.

Gron: So what should we do, then?  How are we going to travel from now on?

Bipolic: We need a plan!

Gron: I bought some wine. This is going to be a long night.

Episode 6 / Little white truths

The Second Stringers were invited to attend an academic research interview for the purpose of learning about the life of immigrant species around the Land of Marionettes. They are now in the office of the university which is responsible for the research.Interviewer: Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you all for coming. It is such a lovely day, isn’t it? Please take a seat. I’ll be back with you in a second. Would you like some coffee? No? That’s fine. We have plenty of water. Please enjoy.Gron: Where did she go? Do you think they have cameras?Bipolic: Of course, they have…

Gron: Why did she invite us in if she had other things to do?

Bipolic: This is a classic…leaving the mouse by itself before the experiment.

Interviewer: So sorry about this, I needed to leave a message to a colleague of mine. Such a lovely day, indeed. You know why you are here…We kindly appreciate your help. First I will tell you something about our company. We are the leading university. Our staff is premium and we ask only for the best from our people. We are elite, so, anyone who comes to us, who collaborate with us, must be elite. Are you elite? Because if you not, I would kindly ask you to leave the room now. Lovely! I would like you to stand up if you think you have the proper dress code for an interview. Oh, dear! Oh, my God! Mr Gron, you don’t have your strings!!  I am afraid I need to ask you to leave the room.

Gron: What? Is this a joke?

Interviewer:  This is serious. We are a premium company and we ask the best from people. I am afraid you are not properly dressed for an interview. It is a matter of respect. We respect our people. This is why we are leaders. You can’t come here without strings. As I told you, it is a matter of respect. All our people use the strings. This is how we function.

Gron: But I didn’t know you have a dress code. There was nothing about this in your invitation.
I thought you needed me the way I am. Who is going to pull my strings here?

Interviewer: This is quite hilarious. Nobody ask this question. We take proper care of our people. We are premium.  I am sorry, Mr Gron. Please leave the room.

Gron: This is ridiculous! I thought you are a serious company.

Interviewer: Hilarious! Is your friend always so direct? You must know we don’t work this way. We do not appreciate this behaviour. I am so disappointed. I tried to be your friend. I always tried to help you!

Gron: What are you talking about, lady? It is the first time I see you.

Interviewer:  This is so offending. Yes, lovely, now I would kindly ask you to leave the room.  We can’t afford to let the others to lose their precious time.

Gron:  I will make a complaint!

Interviewer: Lovely! Feel free to contact my colleagues. Have a lovely day! And thanks for coming…
Is your friend always so direct? We don’t work this way. This is hilarious. I am so sorry you had to witness something like that. Lovely! So, you are all from Fingerland. Lovely… I will ask you some questions now. Do you mind if I take some notes. Thank you. How do you feel about our generous life conditions? Our country is the leading country regarding life conditions.

Mely: It is overwhelming…

Interviewer: Lovely, yes indeed.

Tulip: I have noticed there are so many poor people.

Interviewer: Dear, if you want to continue this interview, you mustn’t say that at any time. Do you understand?

Tulip: Yes, I understand.

Interviewer: Lovely, remember, if someone asks you this question, you mustn’t say what you just told me. Ok? Lovely, thank you! Have you noticed how good we treat you?

Bipolic: How do we have to answer this question?

Interviewer: Be completely honest! We appreciate honesty the most. We are elite, so we ask from people the best. We encourage people to explore their feelings and to express their needs. So, can I write in my file that you are happy with the way we treat you?

Bipolic: Yes, please.

Interviewer: Lovely! And a very quick last question.  What do you think about our customer service?

Bipolic, Tulip, Mely: Great!!

Interviewer: Thank you so much, gentlemen, for your support. I am very happy I had the chance to meet you, today. You are very welcome at any time. Please, feel free to write your comments on my e-mail address. We really want to know your thoughts. Have a lovely day!

Episode 7 / All I want for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Like any other normal person from Fingerland, The Second Stringers gathered in front of the fireplace to write Santa a letter.  But because they are so different from time to time, they couldn’t write just one letter.  Although they share the same address, they are not in the mood to share the same desires.  Not to mention that one of them wanted to send it on e-mail, other by post and Bipolic simply wanted to call. Let’s find out what they wish for Christmas…Bipolic: I am going to call him!! It is much simpler and more direct…

Tulip: Do you really think Santa is having time to chat over the phone? When did you ever speak directly with someone important on the phone? First you will reach an elf with a funny accent…and probably a smoked tired face. And he will tell you he is ready to take your message, while actually he is chatting with his neighbor elf about the Christmas Party.

Gron: And because you really want to speak to Santa, you will insist. But the elf will call his manager.

Tulip: Who doesn’t have a funny accent…so you know it is not negotiable.

Mely: Let’s concentrate now! Let the man do what he needs to do. If you call Santa, say hello from us.

Bipolic: I won’t!! You know how to scare people!

After a while…

Tulip: Who’s having the longest letter?

Gron: Why?

Tulip: So we could decide who’s reading first.

Bipolic: Not again!! We have to read it loud? I thought it was a secret!

Mely: I am going to read it first. “Dear Santa, It was a funny year…

Gron: Oh, come on! Santa is not God. Are you going to tell him your life story, now?

Mely: Do you want me to tell the guy directly what I want? This is not polite. Let me do some conversation first!

Gron: Than you should have started with “It was a funny weather this year…”

Bipolic: This is how I started!

Gron: You see…?

Mely: I am a sensitive person. I need to express myself. So…”Dear Santa, It was a funny year, with god and bad. But I am not going to lie. Even the most painful event was an inspiration for life. Dear red old man…

Tulip: Don’t make him “old”! You don’t actually know if, in Christmas years, Santa is old or not. And you don’t know if his white beard is a sign of agedness or a metaphor.

Bipolic: What are you talking about??

Tulip: I only suggest we should be more open, to look at things from different perspectives.

Mely: For God’s sake, can one express a little wish?? Or you are all full of your own desires and deaf to other people’s thoughts??

B,G,T: ….

Mely:  I erased “dear red old man”, though I thought it was funny. “ Dear Santa, all I wish for Christmas is inspiration. There is nothing in the world I desire most than the force of being inspired and to share my inspiration with all my friends and the world. Thank you! Have a lovely Christmas, Santa”.

Tulip: Never cross my mind until now, thanks to you, Mely…  What do you think Santa wishes for Christmas? Shouldn’t we ask him?

Bipolic: And what if we ask him?? Do you think we have the power to give Santa a gift he would like to have?

Tulip: Why not!?? Why not!?? I am going to ask him. If Santa knows what we all want, he would probably know also what we could offer… I mean our human limitations. I did a little introduction in my letter, a little conversation that I am going to skip on this occasion. So, “ all I want for Christmas is wisdom and strength. What about you, Santa? What do you wish for Christmas? Kind Regards, Tulip Stringer”

Bipolic: “It was a funny weather this year, isn’t it? Dear Santa, I would like snow in the middle of the summer and a tropical rain on a cold winter night…”

Tulip: You don’t have to ask this from Santa! You will have it anyway, very soon.

Bipolic: You can’t see the beauty of contrastive desires!! “ Dear Santa, I would like to live on a green planet and all the trees and flower to fly above the light seas. Merry Christmas! Bipolic Stringer”

Gron: “ Dear Santa, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote you a letter. All I want for Christmas is that me and Mely and Tulip and Bipolic to keep having a nice home and good jobs; I wish our families to be healthy and safe; and not the last, I wish our friends to be happy and well!! Many thanks, Gron Stringer. PS: Can I also have the green jacket I saw two days ago in the shop window? ”

Tulip: Should we post them?

Gron: Do we have the correct address?

Tulip: Yes, it is on Santa’s website.

Episode 8 / Traveling by Planet Earth

Some people travel by cars, trains or planes. Other just walk to their destination, a destination that was always planned before. Some would name this as an “essential truth”: people go somewhere. No matter what language you use to describe the action of ´going´, a destination is always implied.
“I am going to the supermarket”, “I am going to meet some friends”, “I am going to New York”, “I am going for a walk”. You might question this last statement. If someone says to you, “I am going for a walk”, there is no destination marked on your mind map. But the walker/traveller will know that he or she would get to a certain destination without having a pre-set plan.
Even when you say: “I am going nowhere”, you are still going somewhere. We all have our own map where we leave a blank space to call “nowhere”. Then we draw randomly dispersed elements to create the theatrical set of our “nowhere”. By this time, ´nowhere´ is very clearly described in our minds. Again, you may argue with me. You may tell me that ´going nowhere´ implies lack of activity which is contradictory to ´going somewhere´. But Mely Stringers found a way of traveling when not going anywhere. And this is not a metaphor! I am going to let you into his thoughts.
Mely’s thoughts: The first dream I can recall was seeing the world. I was “me” from the moment when my craft man touched the piece of clay that became “Mely”. I smile when I remember how the craft man insisted on shaping and reshaping my features. As if my eyes were not good enough to see or my cheeks were not good enough to describe who I am. Then he drew the colour of my eyes, eyebrows and my downsloping mouth line. And every one said: “Mely is a sad character”. But my craft man already knew I wasn’t sad. I was just very anxious to see the world. Because I was “me” even before I had any shape, my desire to see the world was deepened in every feature. That is why the craft man worked so hard to make me, trying again and again to control his moves on my face, crafting my features again and again. Washing my face several times until no lines or hills were left on my piece of clay, he started me from the beginning.  But I must admit: only when I was complete could I start to see the world.
I started to travel using buses and trains, planes and cars; to walk using the hand of my puppeteer. I have seen the ocean and the desert; I have seen houses made in the ground and houses made from the ground over ground. I have seen puppets made of wood and wool, paper and plastic, metal and sand. I then arrived at this huge Land of Marionettes where I found all the species of puppets ever crafted in the world together in one place. And this changed my perspective of the world. It became so clear that the vision of the world lies in every eye that you look into; it is spoken by every mouth one has ears to hear.
And one day I looked to the sky: it was still daylight but I could see the moon. An hour later, the moon was in a different place. An “essential truth” of course!  Deep in the night I could see the moon at the opposite side. Only then I realised I was traveling by Planet Earth. I was sitting in the same position but the earth took me to see the universe and rotated me to see all the visible points of the universe.
Sometimes I get closer to the moon, sometimes I get closer to the sun. But when I want to see the world, I just need to sit and wait for the Planet Earth to move. And she will take me on a long journey through the universe.

Episode 8(a) – Puppets Protest / When a boat is sinking the sailors’ voice is unheard.

Apparently The Second Stringers were floating on a slender boat when suddenly it dashed on the shore of a big continent. Their dizzy country man spread around this new kingdom setting up little tents and speaking a different language that never stopped to post its secrets. Many remained on the boat fretting their gizzard to chink and cork the slippery deck. But nobody noticed when their commander uncorked their work and cruised again. Where were they floating this time? Nobody knew. They only found out their commander is determined to take them to destination.

In the meantime The Second Stringers were waiving their white handkerchiefs from the bank of The Land of Marionettes. The wind was taking their voices. So they stopped screaming from their little finger throats. Who would have known their acts will be captured by the surveillance recorders?
Let’s hear what they said.

Gron: The commander kidnaped the Fingerlanders!!!!  We have to save them. Let’s call the fireman!!

Bipolic: The fireman is lost! Maybe they wanted to go with the commander. In this case, there is nothing to do about that.

Tulip: Of course they wanted! Is their boat! They have all the rights to take back the hull and determine a new destination.  Mister B is the intruder.

Gron: They should fling him overboard!

Tulip: They are trying. But you see, the commander have control over the cabin. And he’s not coming out.

Mely: All hands must struggle to take over the ship. A new commander has to take its place.

Gron: Listen to them. They are asking for help. Oh, my god. They released the beast. The captain’s daughter [i] is at work!!!

Tulip: Someone has to take control over the ballast tank. There is no other way.

Bipolic: Don’t be naïve. There is no one there who knows how to do it.

Tulip: Someday I will kick your bloody face!

Mely: Don’t start it. Look! The boat is sinking! There is no one to rescue the Fingerlanders???

Bipolic: When a boat is sinking the sailors’ voice is unheard.  Our little puppets must take control over the cabin and save themselves. This could happen only if there is someone among them who really knows how to sail!!!