Season 2 / Episode 1: Box Getaway

After several months of silence and absence, Ankado decided to meet her Second Stringers again. Their approved box ‘getaway’ might have been a moment of revelation for the poor Second Stringers.

Bipolic: So… you finally thought about drawing us out of the box. So kind of you! But, you know, we are not bears or other hibernating animals.

Tulip: Who are you talking to?

Bipolic: Ankado.

Mely, Gron:  Yaaakkk!! Don’t talk to her!

Gron: I suggest we vote for changing the hand. She humiliated us, she kept as in darkness, refused our freedom of expression, she promised she will improve our appearance …and what did she do?

Tulip: She kept us in a box!!!!

Ankado: You all should be aware of what you really want. I’m just having one more hand … and it is the left one! Are you sure you want this one?

Bipolic: We are changing you! Not only your hands!

Ankado: It is in your nature to function carried by one hand or another. You are finger characters.
If you change me, you will be starting to speak a different language and you will be subjected to different laws and rules.

Gron: We don’t care!

Ankado: What about if changing language means changing functions?

Bipolic: Changing functions means, in this days – if you are aware– updating functions.

Ankado: So, you are in my hands by the nature of your existence. We can’t change this, isn’t it?

Mely:  Annihilation is an option.

Tulip: Still, we need her to annihilate us…Or just to pray for an accident.

Ankado: Let’s say, you convince me to give you away; to send you to a better world.  You will also convince the new ‘’carrier’’ to update your functions. You will obtain a wiser right or left hand, or maybe, someone will give you a new body. You will have your own hands, your own legs…Will you cope with this?

Gron:  So when are you giving us away?

Ankado: If you are an apple, why would you be an apple tasting like a melon and looking like a cactus?  How will you describe yourself in the future?

Mely: I see, she tries to impress us with the ‘identity discourse’.

Ankodo: In the end, I just want to point out the fact that you never asked me why I have kept you in the box and that you never came with an idea to improve our communication and our work together.  But still, you judge me. You question your own freedom and take your rights for granted. But have you ever come up with an improvement plan that would make you happy?

Gron: You’re absence make us happy.

Ankado: I was not present while you were in the box. Were you happy?

Bipoic: I got your point. And you are right. We will plan some resolutions. But, if you are not able to take care of us…give us away! Let someone else to make us marionettes or wayangs. Our features will be the same and this is the way we will describe ourselves.

Mely: It could be an improvement to be an apple tasting like a melon. In the end you can’t deny the fact that we are apples. We will just taste better for melon lovers, even if we disappoint some apple lovers.  It is a circle of convenience.

Ankado: I will think about it.