The Great Time
by Cristian Luchian
Direction, Video design: Cristian Luchian
Music backgroud: Silent Strike
Nai interpreter: Tyrrell

The ‘Great Time’ exhibition and performance feature an eclectic overview of Romanian insights, traditions and performativity.
The Great Time collection show cases a range of themes and symbols rooted in the Romanian ancient civilization: Cucuteni.
The concept of Great Time, coming from the Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade, is explored through a multitude of mediums and perspectives. In Luchian’s vision, Cucuteni culture represents the beginnings of our Great Time.

Study on Love and Madness
(after Hamlet by William Shakespeare)

Direction, Scenography: Cristian Luchian
Choreography : Mara Opriş
Sound Design: Cristian Luchian
Costumes: Anca Doczi
Video Design: Cristian Luchian, Laurian Popa
Light Design: Lucian Moga, Sound Operator: George Dancu

‘Study on Love and Madness’ is a piece of Site Specific Art and Performance, where the genuine location of a derelict industrial site is ‘invested’ to create the confusion between reality and virtuality. Only light and visual effects are there to reveal the spatial metamorphosis or to setup multiple worlds. The artist explored the concrete space and transformed it by convention in the apocalyptical Denmark.

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Photographers and invisible clowns
by Val Butnaru
Direction, Scenography: Cristian Luchian

A powerful political play about losing identity and hope, a critical investigation of modern Moldova, where in 2005 communists gave hands with unionists to form an unprecedented political conjunction. The sad clown –a ridiculous resistance –hopes to save his precious Circus with the weapons of sensibility, memory and arts.

Escapqe Project
by Cristian Luchian & Anca Doczi
Direction: Cristian Luchian
Filming and Editing: Cristian Luchian

’Escapqe’ is an experimental Performance where Cristian Luchian uses drama techniques and multimedia arts to reflect upon crossing from one space to another. The space is placed in multiple contexts, from the reflection of the physical structure to abstracting the virtual medium. The artistic quest is based on observing the existence and the development of the modern Man, exploring how the simple connection to a virtual space becomes a form of escape from your inner self and how the come-back to the concrete reality is a new escape.
By means of interactive narrative design, the audience is enabled to control the actors’ feedback and reactions, is enforced to claim answers. However, the Computer controls both actors and audience with a challenging question that is obsessively repeated: Are you a wonderful person?

How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients
By Matei Visniec
Direction: Mona Marian

A black humour ridiculous utopia resilient in one of the most famous Visniec’s play.
Several weeks before Stalin’s death, a writer is “commissioned” to explore trough “art and literature” the communist utopia by writing it for mental patients. His first confusing presentation would emerge in a surprising and heroic radiology of communism.
A powerful story about ideology, passion and twisted minds.

The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield
in the Bosnian War
By Matei Visniec
Direction: Mona Marian

Matei Visniec has written this play during the Bosnian War while working for Radio France Internationale .
He remembers how the news were coming to imbue with horror his studio.
Dora and Kate -a bosniak pregnant woman and an american psychologist -would carry the story of any woman victims of any war. Different perspectives are developed to show how power and weakness are parts of the same body. A beautiful tribute to maternity and so to life fighting against atrocities and pathological hatred. The play is also a wise essay about ethnicity, social mechanisms and religion -all of them playing a sophisticated part in the Bosnian War.

by Anca Doczi and Cristian Luchian
Direction, Scenography and Video Design: Cristian Luchian
Script: AnKaDo (alias Anca Doczi)
Original music: Tyrell
Songs: Monooka (alias Monica Madas)

Bored to be a child, Tim hopes to grow up in a second. His only activity is the waiting to grow up and he is very busy…waiting.
But Miss Clock would take him to Timeland where he would learn the values of time and the danger of wasting it.
He would visit the Factory of Hours where the doses of time are being portioned or he would enter in the Mirror of Time to see his father working.

Other Credits:

The Girl –„A deserter woman” by Anca Doczi, directed by Simina Zan, Studio Euphorion, National Theatre Cluj Napoca
Geo –„ Electric Angel” by Radu Macrinici, directed by Razvan Muresan, Studio Euphorion, National Theatre Cluj Napoca
Gloria –„Waxing West” by Saviana Stanescu, directed by Marcy Arlin and Cristian Nedea, Imposible Theatre and National Theatre Cluj Napoca
Woman in the chorus –„Alcesta” by Euripides, directed by Mihai Maniutiu, National Theatre Cluj Napoca

Puppet Theatre:

Grandma and Hunter -“Little Red Riding Hood”, directed by Mona Marian, Puck Puppet Theatre
A comedian –„Pulcinella and the Devil’s Donkey ”, writen and directed by Gaspare Nasuto, Puck Puppet Theatre;
Rattelmann –„The Musicians of Bremen”, by Grimm Brothers, directed by Traian Savinescu, Puck Puppet Theatre;
Hansel –„Hansel and Gretel” by Grimm Brothers, directed by Varga Ibolya, Puck Puppet Theatre;
Different partsand „helps” in the children plays of Puck Puppet Theatre

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