You just entered ANKADO’s website. Great to see you around!

    Before you take a tour, let me introduce myself. I am a theatre artist and applied drama practitioner with a background in acting, Performance Art, Performance Poetry and animation theatre. My approach to creating performance is through practice-as-research where I try different methodologies, especially immersive and participative theatre, to discuss our contemporary life and the social dynamics of the communities around us.

    I have navigated slowly from theatre to performance, from acting to devising, form practice to theory and I am still ‘waiting’ to define myself as an artist of the stage. In the meantime, I challenge myself into exploring with different creative mediums to reflect upon memory, testimony, cultural behaviour and identity. I create performance to learn about communities and their interactions, about conflict and reconciliation, about the hidden stories of our public life.

    My latest project is MEMODROME, an applied drama technique I have coined and developed during my PhD years, to explore performed testimony and simultaneous dramaturgy.

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